1. The Management declines any responsibility for the improper use of equipment by children.
2. Children must be accompanied by responsible persons in charge of the proper use of the games.
3. It is forbidden to go on games with glasses or jewelery of any kind or other objects that may cause damage to games or other children.
4. It is mandatory to remove the shoes before going on to the games.
5. It is forbidden to climb any game with drinks, ice cream, chewing gums, lollipops, and any other kind of food that can cause children damage or dirty games.
6. It is forbidden to carry toothpicks and the like within the games.
7. It is forbidden to bring animals into the park without the consent of the park manager.
8. The use of non-slip socks or, in any case, of suitable footwear is mandatory to protect in the event of slippery surfaces. DO NOT SHOULD!
9. It is forbidden to push, fight, run and play dangerous games for the attendance of those present.
10. Use of children's play is only permitted under continuous surveillance by an accompanying adult.
11. Game area 4-10 years: The minimum age for use of slides is 4 years, the maximum age of 10 years. No adult is allowed inside and in the use of these games.
12. Play area 1-3 years: The minimum age for playing games is 1 year, the maximum age of 3 years with the possibility to be accompanied by adults without shoes but they can not use the games.
13. Can not access inflatable games with more than 9 users at the same time.
14. The age difference between the children present for each turn of play must be as small as possible and in any case compatible.
15. It is forbidden to climb on the exterior and interior walls of the games when these are not integral to the use of the games themselves.
16. It is forbidden to use electric-powered games if it fails or, in the case of inflatables, an inflammation failure occurs.
17. It is forbidden to ascend from the descent of any game, to climb the slides, to slide upside down and use the games in an uncoordinated way.
18. It is forbidden to throw the balls of the tanks outside the games and the tanks themselves.
19. All injuries, even slight injuries, must be reported immediately to the staff member before leaving the playground, in order to proceed with the possible opening of the insurance practice. No accidents or damages are reported after leaving the playground or otherwise incompatible with the activity of the games.
20. Management does not take any responsibility for lost or left unattended items inside the park.
21. It is necessary to strictly observe the guidelines of each attraction.
22. Children are always responsible for accompanying adults, who must ensure that the same children comply with this regulation.
23. Staff will remove anyone who is responsible for episodes that pose a danger to other users.
24. Being a playground dedicated mainly to children, it is inevitable that there are confusion, screams and screams inside, which can not endure this situation and its presence in the interior is not advisable.


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