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Scivoland Park is a children's playground, a gathering place, where adults can bring their children to have fun in total safety. You can make birthday parties, but also celebrate special celebrations or simply meet small friends, or organize early and late school holidays. There is always a good reason to celebrate at Scivoland!
For children from 1 to 3 years old there is a special children's area which can also be accompanied by adults with no shoes, to play, support and encourage younger children and entertain them in an area with ideal games and thought for their age.
For children aged 4 to 10, there is a Playground with more or less articulated routes, maxi slides, slides, inflatable boats and more.
For older kids there are several toy games and nostalgics from the past, there are pinball machines and games that will make the mind of your childhood go back to mind.
….and then…. BABY DANCE! Yes, if needed at Scivoland Park you dance and sing with the best hits of the moment also loved by the very young ....
... and other surprises that in the course of the year will be offered to the small guests.





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